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I want you to hurt

I want you to bleed

I want you to suffer!

But you have denied me

As I have denied myself the pleasure

Of hearing your screams of anguish

My hands slicked in your blood

But was it human kindness that stayed my blade?






I never forgive and I never forget


My own cowardice has denied me

Fear of reprisal has stilled if not quenched my rage

See, I'm not so far gone yet, am I?

The punishment bothers me more than the crime.

I'm not so far gone, am I?

Am I?



These things will never be mine.

But I can laugh.

I can sing.

I can and sometimes do cry, though not very often

I can and WILL dance on the freshly turned dirt of your grave

If not today, then tomorrow or the next day¦

Another day¦


So let's drink a toast to Death together

You and I

For Death WILL come

Like a thief in the night

Wrapped in the cloak of oblivion

Forever and Always



Lies - Poem

Jun. 6th, 2004 08:10 pm
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Tender caresses

Soft feathery kisses

Abandoned innocence

You said you loved me

...but you lied
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I have no fear of the night
For monsters walk in broad daylight
With blood red claws
And dripping jaws
Lustful gaze and lecherous mind
To steal and shatter, kill and grind
Stalk, hunt, trap and lure
Stealing away trust, hope, innocence pure
The taste of fear, the slick of blood
Heedless of pleas, of tears that flood
Cries of pain on deaf ears fall
To unfeeling God the wounded call
Innocence shattered the victim will hide
To bury her shame, to purge her mind
But the taint remains and slowly her soul will die
The awful truth she can no longer deny
That the world is full of darkest night
Even while the sun casts its wholesome light
And to the shadows cast the beast then flies
To hide himself once more in human guise
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I have a few more haiku that came to my mind.

Clean floors shimmer wet
Muddy footprints everywhere
Wipe your feet people!

On our new uniforms...

Brand new uniforms
Polo shirts, no more jackets
I miss my pockets...

To the lousy pop machine in the breakroom

You took my dollar
But denied me my caffine
I want my Pepsi!
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Yes, I will be putting various haiku here inspired by my so-called job! Thanks for the inspiration, Alasayia!
On to the poems...

Concerning messy cheapskates...

This room is a sty
Dirty clothes, trash everywhere
As usual, no tips


Forever sweeping
'Swish!' The broom whispers to me
My mind...going...numb...


Harvey, Nebraska?
Now, do I LOOK like a map?
Go ask the front desk!


Like thunder rumbling
Stomach wakes and I wonder
"Is it lunch time YET?!"

Yup, you may or may not have guessed that I am a housekeeper...more or less...I clean the hotel common areas instead of the guest rooms, but I'm still just a housekeeper. Rabid Dust Bunnies...BEWARE!
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"What do you know about love?" osami2717 asked me. "Nothing," I think to myself, "but I know a thing or two about rejection."

I never wanted the truth.

I never even once asked for it.

I would have settled for a pretty lie.

But the truth has a way of sneaking up on you

Of catching you off guard.

And it bashes you between the eyes

Like a cartoon mallet.

Falling in love.

Such and idealistic phrase

It sounds so sweet, so innocent, so harmless.

But the truth is this: Love is a pit trap.

Cruel, vicious

It leaves your heart torn and bleeding

As it seeks to drown you in a pool of misery and tears.

If you're lucky, really lucky

You survive love's deadly embrace.

You swear you will never again be deceived

Never again fall into its merciless clutches.

And so you fortify the walls around your heart

Blocking out everything- hope, life, happiness

But most of all, love.

Time passes.

Seasons blend one into the other.

And suddenly before you realize it's happening

You are falling again

Your heart and soul are once more filled with the sweetest of pains.

And you tell yourself. "This time I will endure

This time I will triumph

This time I will love - and be loved in return."

Which, of course, is the biggest lie of them all.
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As I settle myself into my accustomed seat

They magically, smoothly appear as if out of nowhere

Amber eyes glittering in anticipation

Golden bodies sleek and supple

Voices raised in supplication

As they stalk ever closer

I realize that all may soon be lost

They pounce

I resist valiantly

I can't give it. I WON'T succumb.

With plaintive cries they beseech me

With rumbling thunder they give assurance

This is what is meant to be

My resolve wavers

My strength of will is no match for their charms

No! No! This is wrong, all wrong.

Two soft warm bodies

One on each shoulder

Reaching, stretching

The last walls of my resistance

Crumble to dust

The cats have won the day

And I have lost my dinner.

Little bastards

But, you've got to love them

In nothing else they are

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Smiling masks with cold eyes

Hostile spirits in disguise

I see you

I see beyond your masks

You cannot fool me

Hands out expectantly, in greedy demand

Acid words hissed behind backs

I hear you

My ears burn with your secrets

Who do you think you are fooling?

To the world you present your false colors

But I am not deceived

As I slip silently through the halls

Taking in everything

Speaking nothing

Don't you understand?

I know!


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