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I am not at all worried about swine flu. Personally, I think people are getting hysterical about nothing. The every-day-run-of-the-mill flu kills 36,000 people a year and I don't see people freaking out about that. It's just the media blowing things out of proportion.

Wash your hands frequently and cover your mouth/nose when you sneeze or cough. And NOT into your hands, use your elbow or shoulder otherwise you'll be spreading your germs right, left and center every time you touch something.

And stop freaking out. Jeez.
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I've known [ profile] trowacko the longest, definitely. (My twin, [ profile] osami_marie doesn't count in the friend category even though we were 'womb' mates.) I remember reading and admiring [ profile] trowacko's work on Infinity Base back when I started posting GW fanfiction back in the autumn of 2001. Then I learned about Gundam Wing Addiction and met a whole slew of talented GW writers. Eventually I made my way to LiveJournal in 2004.

I knew [ profile] kageotogi from that time as well, though I didn't know it because she went by Hawk Cloud on the GWA boards.

Gee, it's been a long time since I've moved on from the GW fandom. I wonder if GWA is still around? Or even active? I know Infinity Base went down a couple of years ago...

I can't say I really miss the GW fandom, if I am to be completely honest, but I do miss a few of the people, even if I was never a terribly chatty individual. There were some damned fine artists and writers on that site. They've scattered to various fandoms, I'm sure, but no doubt a few still write for GW.
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I'm a water Ox through and through. The descriptions fit me to a tee. *^-^*
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I rented a suite for at Hampton Inn (employee discounts are AWESOME) for tonight and Chris, Heidi and I stay there along with a few of Cliff's friends. I don't know how many will actually be able to make it, but we'll see.

Food will be eaten and maybe some drinks (water for me because of my UTI), but no one ever drinks enough to get drunk and there will be no smoking or drugs of any sort. Pretty tame, you know? We'll probably play board games and the like because most of Cliff's friends are big gamers. Role play, video games, board games, card games, you name it, they'll geek out over it.


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